Ultimate Combat Collection Black

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Our Ultimate Combat Collection has been designed to withhold maximum pulling power. We have coupled together our Bull Snap Nylon Lead with our seat belt Clasp collar to give you a durable, strong and reliable collection.

Combat Collar 

Keep your dog with you at all times. The Combat Collar has been designed to hold maximum pulling power – our strongest and most durable collar yet. The Combat Collars have been designed using 4cm of double looped nylon combined with a double latched buckle to prevent snapping and breaking. We’ve even added a strengthened handle so you can grab your dog during emergencies. Our 8mm D Loop is a solid unit of stainless steel, replicating the loops used in extreme rock climbing. Humans trust their lives with these loops and we expect nothing less for your dog.

We have invested strongly in the design of our Combat Collars, taking inspiration from the buckles used in high speed roller coasters, so you don’t have to worry about the buckle snapping and your dog running free.

1m Bull Snap Nylon Lead 

Our Bull Snap leads have been designed to hold up to  tonnes of shear pulling power. We have combined 4cm of Nylon and Neoprene together with a solid stainless-steel Bull Snap Clasp to compliment the larger and stronger dog. We’ve even added neoprene padding around the handle for your extra comfort.

Our Bull Snap leads have been carefully constructed to prevent snapping. We have created more than just a lead, we’ve created a lifetime of strength and quality. Please note these bull snap leads require two hands to open and close the clasp and are not designed for quick release


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